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The Electrochemistry Branch is part of the Research and Technology Directorate, Power & In-Space Propulsion Division.

Electrochemistry Branch 2011

Electrochemistry Branch 2011

Front row (l-r): RPC/Bri Scheidegger, RPC/Tom Miller, RPC/Mark Hoberecht, ASRC/Eunice Wong, Sierra Lobo/Dave Yendriga
Back row (l-r):  QinetiQ/Larry Edwards, RPC/Bill Bennett, RPC/Rick Baldwin, RPC/James Wu, SGT/Marjorie Moats, RPC/Concha Reid, RPC/Michelle Manzo (Branch Chief, now retired)
Missing: RPC/Pat Loyselle, RPC/Ken Burke, QinetiQ/Kevin Prokopius, QinetiQ/Ian Jakupca, QinetiQ/Tony Colozza